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Hamburgas Valsts operā: Falstaff

/Staatsoper Hamburg: Falstaff

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3st 0min

In this recent production, Calixto Bieito reinterprets Falstaff as an apocalyptic satire on entertainment and prototype scenario of modern society. His take on Falstaff is a black comedy that exposes the tragicomic aspect of human existence. Falstaff is Verdi’s last work for the stage and as such his testament. By the time he composed it he had long since broken free of convention and no longer cared what the world thought of him. Falstaff shows us Verdi the tragedian smiling wisely as he takes his final bow.

Conductor: Axel Kober
Director: Calixto Bieito
Cast: Ambrogio Maestri, Jürgen Sacher, Maija Kovalevska, Markus Brück, Daniel Kluge