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Premiere: 25. Jan. 2019

Mystery of the Old Garden

/Vecā dārza noslēpums

Director: Olafs Okonovs

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1hrs 35mins
Agris Māsēns, Lauris Subatnieks, Roze Baumane, Niks Rapšs, Emīlija Jakubāne

The young entrepreneur pays a visit to the pensioner, who lives in an old house surrounded by a large, unkempt garden. Kārlis wants to buy the house but Armands does not consent to it. Armand’s garden is an excellent playground for the foursome, in spite of the fact that Armands regularly tries to chase the children of his garden. Everything changes in the relationship between the children and Armands when the children find out that Kārlis and his subordinates wish to take over the garden with unfair methods to build a shop in its place and start defending Armands. It turns out that the idea of building a shop is no more than Kārlis’ cunning move because he knows that much greater mystery is hidden in the garden.

Premiere: 25. Jan. 2019